If you are facing anxiety, panic attacks, severe fatigue and burn out and have tried many things – from supplements, changing diet, doing positive affirmations, maybe you are even taking some prescription medicine (antidepressants like Prozac, Cipralex, sedatives – Xanax, Lexaurin or some other) and you still feel exhausted, overwhelmed, living with many fears – then I have to tell you:

I know that you would like the panic, fears, worries and severe fatigues to go away as soon as possible, so I understand that you have tried all sorts of remedies to relieve the symptoms. But they often keep coming back, right? 
All this supplements and medicine can help to stabilize you when you are in an acute phase of dis-ease, but they will not heal the root cause. When struggling with issues above, it IS important to get to the root of your problem in order to really heal.

And close to the root cause are all those FEELINGS, THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS that you have been running away from. So, in order to get to the root cause – you will have to face all of them!!!

  • not by unmasking them with drugs

  • not by taking supplements to bust your energy level, which will just further exhaust and deplete your body and mind

  • not by repeating positive affirmations when you really feel like s**t

  • not with making you even busier in order not to feel

  • not with staying in bed for the whole day feeling sorry for yourself

  • not with standing on the head in a special yoga posture

  • not with dozing yourself with alcohol

Only after facing all of it – you will have the power to resolve them and heal. 
Your dis-ease is calling you to face your fears, face all that stuff (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, assumptions…) that has been running your life and made you feel miserable.

So that the AWESOME YOU – THE REAL YOU can start guiding your life and shining from inside out!!!

How you can do that? 
It is a process that I call INNER JOURNEY. It is a Journey that takes you from your head (mind) into the heart, where your Essence, your Truth, your Being resides. It is a beautiful Journey, though at times it feels risky and uncertain. But with some help, it feels easier and also fun. 
It is a Journey that slowly opens you to receive freedom and ease that have been waiting you on the other side of a mask.

In this process I assist you in uncovering and undressing all those masks that you have put on in order to protect yourselves, but in reality they are just covering your essence and preventing you to live from your power, centre and truth – your being.
It is a journey for the brave ones who are ready to once and for all put their mask down and be fully themselves, become vulnerable, authentic and powerful.

If you would like to know more about it and see if you are ready for it and how I can help you on your Journey, feel free to contact me.

Trust your heart and body and heal yourself,

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