It is meant for you if you are willing to do something really beneficial for your body under the supervision of a medical doctor. Your body definitely deserves it.

Do you know that your body has immense self-healing capacities?

Today our bodies are filled with many toxins which are present in our environment and also in the food we consume. This toxins affect natural processes in our cells. We eat mostly processed food, which is full of chemicals and artificial things and is fa away of being healthy. All this toxins accumulate in our bodies and slowly damage it.

We are used to do a big cleaning in our houses once or twice in a year, so it would be also very beneficial to do it in our bodies. You don’t believe me?

I will tell you my story.

I experienced the effects of cleansing process in my own body the first time in a year 2010. I was looking for a solution to my health problems (digestive issues, tiredness, insomnia, general exhaustion) at that time and I came across of the book of American cardiologist dr. Alejandro Junger. I decided to try the method the minute I have read the book.

I did the whole 21 day cleansing program while doing a regular day job. My sleeping improved and I got rid of digestive problems and exhaustion. I also lost 3 kilograms. I haven’t felt that good since a long time. Since that time I have lead through the same programme many friends and clients. In 2014 I developed special detoxification programme in Medical centre Rogaska, where I worked at that time. Its purpose is to clean the body of many toxins and rejuvenate the body. The results are amazing: lower cholesterol level and body weight, better digestion, improved sleeping, skin is shinier, less pain in the joints…

What will you benefit from this programme?
– You clean your body from many toxins
– You activate self-healing processes in the body
– Improve the processes in your cells and tissues
– Improve your immune system (less colds, allergies, inflammation)
– Improve your digestion (less constipation, bloating, pain in the stomach, less allergies and intolerances)
– You can resolve and improve many health problems (you can read more about it in the following section)

What do people notice after doing the program?
– They feel better.
– Many of them have more energy.
– Many experience better sleeping and feel rested in the morning.

-Lower levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, lower body weight and some people lower blood sugar and blood pressur

I RECOMMEND it TO all who:
– Would like to do something really beneficial for your body
– Are healthy and would like to stay healthy
– Have following health issues: not feeling well, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, overweight, pain in the joints, digestive problems, headaches, sleeplessness, moodiness, depression, allergies, weak immune system with constant colds and other inflammations…

This programme IS NOT FOR you if:
– You are not ready to make a 3 week change of your diet
– You do not want to activate your body’s inner healing capacities
– You have serious heart disease, you are on anticoagulant therapy, if you have epilepcy, are pregnant or breastfeeding, child
– You are seriously burnt down, in acute phase of a cancer therapy, currently recovering from serious infection or you have acute exacerbation of chronic inflammatory bowel disease or acute gastric ulcer

How the programme looks like?

We meet (in person or via skype) for 5 times (first week is preparation phase and then 3 weeks of the cleansing).

1. Session (80 minutes)
– Individual conversation, where we talk through your specific health issues and I make an estimation of your health
– Make a plan for the first week – elimination diet

2. Session (60 minutes)
– Conversation about your feelings and problems
– Discussion about the 21 day programme
– You get detailed plan

3. & 4. Session (30 minutes); after 7 and 14. Days from the start of the cleansing
– Conversation about your feelings and possible reactions

5. Session
– Conversation, estimation of your health
– Checking up of your laboratory test results
– Instructions and suggestions for your life style



I am happy that you are here. In order to make a change, we first need to make a decision. You are in the right place. This 20 minutes will help us to get to know each other. We will talk about your past, presence and future and you will get a glimpse on how it would be to work with me. We will see what would be the best way for me to work with you and help you reach your goals.

To be as effective as possible during these 20 minutes, I kindly ask you to fill the form as accurately and honestly as you can.

As a medical doctor I am bound to secrecy, so your information will be dealt with respect and strictly confidentially. After you send me your form, I will schedule a skype session with you. I wish you a beautiful day and we will read and talk soon,


Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med.


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