Dr. Trajkovska is available for all the companies, organizations, conferences and events that are committed to health, spirituality and personal growth.

Themes of lectures and seminars are:

Show me your fridge and I'll tell you how healthy you really are!

Did you know that your diet plays a very important role in your life?

And did you also know that proper nutrition can restore your immune system and cure, or at least alleviate the effects of many chronic diseases?

Have you ever considered that malaise, mood swings and even certain depressions could be cured by diet?

And do you know that you can strengthen the functioning of many cells and thus restore the internal balance with a healthy cleansing diet (detoxification) of the body, which you do it once a year?

This lecture will answer your numerous questions about the impact of food on our health.

I breathe, therefore I am!

There is no life without breathing. Everybody knows that! But are you aware that breathing not only supplies us with the vital oxygen, but also with life energy. Namely, one of the English words for the term “to inhale” is “to inspire”. In short, this means that we are in contact with the spirit, therefore many meditation techniques are based on breathing.

Did you know that when we experience stress we respond by changing the rhythm of our breathing? When we are afraid we usually hold our breath. Nowadays we are often under stress throughout the day and this is reflected in the rhythm of breathing, which becomes shallow and uneven.

Even with only a few minutes a day, dedicated to certain simple but at the same time healing techniques of breathing, you can change your life.

At the workshop, we shall learn 3 simple and effective techniques to improve our well-being and health.

Nowadays, most of us are exposed to stress most of the time because of the rapid pace of life. This is negatively reflected in our well-being, work, health and relationships.

Are there ways to avoid stress?

Are there techniques that can be easily used to free ourselves of tension?

Maybe the stress itself can act as our teacher, who encourages us to reconnect with each other, postpone unnecessary worrying, free ourselves from limiting beliefs and harmful relationships and regain peace, health and joy?

Are you one of those who have seen challenges as opportunities for growth? If this is the case, you are invited to attend the workshop.

Listen to your heart – it whispers and calls out to You!

As we rush through life, it often happens that we lose ourselves in the pace, obligations and concerns for survival.

But do you remember your childhood and the times you have still allowed yourselves to dream and dared to reach for your dreams?

Do you really think that the purpose of your life is just to survive? I don’t, absolutely not!

The purpose of your life is to live to the fullest and offer the world the best version of yourself. This is you living your mission.

At that point your life turns into a dance and impossible things become possible. Your life becomes a celebration of everything that life has to offer you. This does not mean that there are no challenges, no ups and downs. But every fall or breakdown opens a door to the new possibilities, while at the same time you expand your awareness and gratitude.

Come and learn about the power of simple techniques that will open up your heart.

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