Create powerful changes on all 3 levels of your being – body, mind & spirit.

This program is for you if you have really decided to get rid of the constant feeling of being overwhelmed, exhausted, not good enough and start creating the life filled with more Ease, Joy, Creativity and Abundance.

It is for you, if you are seriously committed to:

  • Learn how to take care of your whole body – mind – spirit system in order to thrive and be healthy.
  • Get out of victim mode (feeling that bad things are happening to you) & take back your power by learning new tools and embracing empowering beliefs.
  • Create good relationship with yourself and consequently improve all your relationships.
  • Enjoy your Life while doing what you love.
  • Create amazing career, which is fulfilling you.
  • Fully thrive and enjoy the abundance by which Universe is supporting us.

So, are you ready to make a leap into your dream life by letting go of the old version of you, who is trying to get results through a lot of hard work, effort, pushing and trying to serve everyone else except you?

If yes, I challenge you to REIGNITE YOUR LIFE & FULLY SHINE! 

This individual 4 – month program will help you transform your life and get out of feeling stuck, exhausted and burned out by creating powerful changes on all the 3 levels of your being – body, mind & spirit.


STEP 1 – Create a change in your body

It is so important to have a healthy body in order to be creative, successful entrepreneur and powerful world-changer! As a medical doctor and holistic coach I will help you become aware of your body and its needs.

RESULTS you can expect:

  • You will boost your body with energy which will help you be more creative and focused at work and also enjoy your free time & life.
  • You will stop sabotaging your success at work by feeling sluggish, depressed, stuck or even getting sick every time you want to uplevel your career, because you just don’t get enough sleep, rest or proper nutrition.
  • By implementing new tools you will have more quality time for yourself and loved ones which will bring you more creative ideas & abundance beside joy, peace and freedom.


STEP 2 – Create a change in your mind

We hold many beliefs about ourselves, people and life in our mind. But the question is: “Are they supporting us?” Some of them might, while others are holding us back, not allowing us to live in harmony and have abundant & thriving life. You will transform outdated beliefs by good ones through some simple techniques and learn to use your true power! Learning how to master your mind is always exciting process and it is amazing to see the changes that happen after doing this process. ☺

RESULTS you can expect:

  • You will remove the idea of hard work and constant struggle from your vocabulary and life and soon start enjoying your work and achieve better results.
  • You will replace limiting believes that are making you feel unworthy and unable to set boundaries, keeping you stuck at unsatisfying level in career & relationships by the ones that will help you express yourself more authentically and fully thrive.
  • You will spend more time alone, doing things you love, which will actually bring you more peace, joy, happiness and creativity and so support you in career and relationships, not to mention health.
  • You will attract new clients and business opportunities, create more meaningful relationships.
  • You will feel more positive and trustful.


STEP 3 – Connecting to your soul & spirit

We are spiritual beings, so it is so wrong to forget about our heart & connection with the spirit. This connection helps us thrive in every area of our life. It supports us in healing and also gives us access to creative ideas by which we can actualise ourselves through our work. Connection with our heart helps us create and sustain loving relationships with our partner, family and friends.

Through this step you will build firm connection with your soul and results will surely follow. ☺

RESULTS you can expect:

  • After using tools to connect to your heart and spirit, you will become more peaceful and also creative.
  • You will make a shift in your business – expanding it and making it more who you are.
  • Your relationships will deepen & transform.
  • New opportunities in your life and career will start arising or you will be open to see them where you haven’t seen them before.
  • Life will become more like a dance and you won’t feel it like a struggle anymore.
  • Your ideal clients will naturally be attracted to you and your business.

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I would Love to help you discover if you are ready to reignite your life by joining my program.

Tatjana Trajkovska, MD & Transformational Life Coach