In our busy life it happens often that we forget to take time for ourselves. Days, months, years pass by and one day you sadly realise, that you don’t live anymore, but you merely vegetate. You do things routinely, you worry about many things and happiness is more or less your past.

You don’t know how to relax and bring more peace and joy into your life. This chronic stress affects your health.

If you have found yourself in the above statements, please read further.

Anti-stress programme is meant for you if:

  • You are amongst the people who have forgotten of themselves
  • You have problems with high blood pressure, arrhythmia, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression, panic attacks, concentration problems
  • Your tension is growing and you just can’t get rid of it
  • You notice that your relationship are full of conflicts
  • You don’t laugh anymore and have simply forgotten little life pleasures
  • You consume certain things (sedatives, cigarettes, marihuana, sleeping pills) in order to relax yourself

This programme is NOT for you if:

  • You believe that your problems are consequence of merely chemical processes and you feel satisfied using your pills (analgesic, sedatives, sleeping pills)
  • You prefer to stay in the zone of discomfort and blame your society for your problems
  • You are afraid to look inside and create happier and more relaxed life

What will you LEARN through the programme?

  • Learn and experience some relaxation techniques
  • Learn about your limiting beliefs and start changing them
  • Experience inner power and trust
  • Experience peace through meditation and become less attached to the situations which disturb you
  • Feel more joy for life
  • Laugh more
  • Deepen relationship with yourself
  • Improve relationship with people
  • Your life will become more colourful

What else can happen?

After this process many people experience Life differently, especially if they are brave enough to see beyond their limiting beliefs and willing to relax and open for the flow of life.

You will realise that there are so many interesting potentials and talents within you. You will want to keep discovering them and bring them into your life.

ANTI – STRESS PROGRAMME includes 7 x 80 – minute sessions

1st Session:

  • Conversation, estimation of your situation, strategic plan
  • Relaxation breathing technique

2nd Session:

  • Conversation
  • Meet your own essence
  • Opening heart meditation

3rd Session:

  • Conversation
  • Your beliefs and how they affect your life + Homework
  • Breathing observation meditation

4th Session:

  • Conversation
  • Taking the power back in our hands, in order to change beliefs
  • “Becoming your best friend” technique

5th Session:

  • Conversation
  • Acceptance of the moment and the situation is the key to transformation
  • Awareness Meditation (Mindfulness Meditation)

6th Session:

  • Conversation
  • Nurturing the contact with ourselves
  • Taking care of our bodies
  • Meditation

7th Session:

  • Conversation
  • Looking back at the path we have already left behind
  • Our dreams, yearnings and their message
  • Plans
  • Meditation



I am happy that you are here. In order to make a change, we first need to make a decision. You are in the right place. This 20 minutes will help us to get to know each other. We will talk about your past, presence and future and you will get a glimpse on how it would be to work with me. We will see what would be the best way for me to work with you and help you reach your goals.

To be as effective as possible during these 20 minutes, I kindly ask you to fill the form as accurately and honestly as you can.

As a medical doctor I am bound to secrecy, so your information will be dealt with respect and strictly confidentially. After you send me your form, I will schedule a skype session with you. I wish you a beautiful day and we will read and talk soon,


Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med.


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