About me

My values

1.We are not only our bodies, thoughts and emotions, we are mainly spiritual beings. We often forget about that component in our life and that costs us our health, inner peace and happiness.

2.Highly developed classical Western medicine gives us a lot of knowledge and possibilities for healing, but often forgets about the integrity of a human being. I believe we have to add more spirituality and a human touch to it.

3.We carry amazing potentials in us. Our purpose in life is not just to go through it and survive, but to thrive and express ourselves in our unique way. We are wonderful, amazing human beings, worthy only of the best.

4.Everything in nature and life strives for balance. When that balance in our body is ruined, it shows up in lots of different ways (physical problems, diseases, unhappiness, psychological problems, relationship problems…).

5.Our body has amazing capacities to heal itself (restore the balance in itself), provided it has the right conditions. We can be the best doctors to ourselves, if we are properly guided and willing to do something about it.

6.When I work with people, the least I want to do is to be in a hurry. I believe that many answers are within us, but we have to take time to find them.

7.My wish is to help find you the real cause of the disease and your problems. Often the reason is that on a certain level we have lost contact with ourselves and that leads to chemical imbalances. Let’s try to heal the whole and not only the chemical imbalances.

8.With a proper amount of courage, gentleness, determination, love and support we can heal many diseases and live a happy and healthy life, which will enrich us, as well as the lives of people we come in contact with.

9.Be aware of your words, thoughts and actions and try to live the best version of yourself every day.

10.Respect and appreciate life, which is the gift that we are being given every single day.

11.Let’s laugh, relax, breathe deeply, be more adventurous, playful, fearless and persistent. Let’s dance, jump and love. Take time for silence. And laugh some more!

My path

Difficult years, but also among the best. I have realised that it takes all of you to study medicine. I have made some very deep friendships, which still enrich my life today. I’ve realised that medicine is very broad but also very exact in a way. It became clear to me that I have an interest for many other fields, which are not so determined. They deal with inner happiness, our healing potentials and energies, which cannot be measured but can also not be denied.

I have got my first real patients here and become really responsible for them. I have met some amazing doctors, who inspired me, helped me and became my role models. I experienced what a demanding and responsible job we have. I have realised the feeling of helplessness and hope with which our patients come to us. I felt happy many times, whenever I could help people to feel better. But often I felt helpless, realising that we doctors are far from being “almighty”. I saw that sometimes all we can do is listen and be there as a support. Many stories filled me with joy, respect, humbleness, hope and thankfulness, others with fear, despair, pain and helplessness.

Clinical psychologist Viktor Gerkman was a very special man and also one of my first spiritual teachers. I can remember our first meeting at a one-week intensive class in Jezersko. He “read through me” in a couple of minutes and told me things about me, which I have been hiding even from myself.
I was blown away by his capacity to see into the human soul and its depths. I was also getting to know things about astrology, but I haven’t been a good student in that area. So I still don’t know much more about astrology then the basic counting of the planets and houses. It is a pity because in the East many good doctors use astrology. Namely, in our astrological chart we can see tendencies toward certain diseases.

After finishing course in acupuncture in Slovenia, I wanted to learn more about acupuncture, so in 2003 I went to China for 3 months. I did another course in 2005 (5 months). It was an unforgettable experience. I learned that it is very precious to combine Western and Eastern medicine, thus obtaining better results.

I have many good memories of Maribor. I was working there as a family physician and also as a doctor of medicine of sport and work. I specialised in family medicine in 2010. This period was a period of intense work on myself, trying to come in touch with my true self. I got inspired by taichi and qi-gong practices. At that time I realised that I am the only one who is responsible for my own life, health and happiness. I had quite some ups and downs, but at the same time I became more and more convinced that I would like to work with people in a different way that I was used to. Most of all I wanted to have more time for people and motivate and inspire them for work on themselves and for changes.

This 3 week training in Osho Miasto Center in Italy changed my life. It was a process of becoming alive again. I experienced the power of breathing. I have never before been a witness of such intense feelings in my body and also of transformation in people’s emotions and feeling. People who came there completely without energy, feeling sad, miserable, unhappy, have become completely new persons in a few days. The fire of life started burning in them again. I realised that I would like to become a witness of such amazing changes in people’s lives and help to motivate them in order to deepen their contact with their own hearts and souls.

After I resigned work in Maribor, I travelled to the Greece island of Corfu and after that to India for 4 months. Waww, what a liberating feeling it is when you let all your sadness out and allow yourself to relax, breath and laugh at yourself. Only then can you experience the inner peace and absence of thoughts. Feeling of freedom, peace and realisation that so little is needed for happiness and peace and that it is wonderful when we can share such moments with people. I realised that it is very important to nurture the contact with our true self daily and also allow ourselves certain moments of silence. We have amazing intuition, which is worth being listened to.

When I experienced breathing with my breathing master Dan Brule, I knew I have to invite him to Slovenia, so that more people could know and feel the power of breathing. He has been active as teacher of breathing for more than 40 years and is one of the first “rebirthers”. I organised workshops with him in June 2012 and 2013.

This Centre was the beginning of my independent professional path. I lead some mediation groups in Celje and Ljubljana. I organised a few- weekend retreats with different topics (Silence retreat, Stress release retreat, Detox retreat) and worked as an acupuncturist. But it would be great if I had also learned something about entrepreneurship while studying. So after a year I got broke and thank God I had an offer for a new job. 😉

I was working there as an acupuncturist and balneologist. I have done many acupuncture therapies at that time and realised again how effective it is in treating pain, traumas, certain chronical diseases, insomnia, tiredness and stress. In 2013 I developed and lead a program for detoxification, which has proven to be very successful.

A period of deepening the connection with my intuition, inner power and potentials.

In June 2015 I graduated in the first generation of 5-week spiritual-marketing Academy “Crazy Diamond”, specialised for small and middle sized Slovene companies, under the mentorship of Lenja Faraguna. This gave me the knowledge, energy, strategy and techniques for my newbussines path as an entrepreneur, based on my values, my visions and dreams.

I am beginning my new path, here and now – totally honest, with new mentor programmes, lectures, e-book and being more ME than I was ever before. I will be happy to meet you, all of you with the same values, who also believe in connection of classical medicine with spirituality.

I joined a 6 month program in mind body medicine called “Be the medicine” led by dr. Kim DEramo from American Institute of Mind-Body Medicine.