When we start listening to our body and feel what emotions are hiding behind the symptoms, we are addressing the cause as well as solution for our problems. 

Yes, I am a doctor and I know that I learned how back pain is caused by sprain in the back, degenerative disorder of the vertebras, herniated discus, compressed nerve in the spine,… BUT through my practice and exploration I learned that very often back pain happens to people when they have huge emotional issues, like fight with a partner, co-worker, money worries, fears around how to deal with certain issues… 

The same is with migraine. Yes, migraine happens more often in people with family history of migraine and certain food may stimulate it, BUT the attacks of migraine are often a reaction of your body wanting to tell you that you are under serious STRESS. 

Similar thing is with panic attack.

So, the symptoms that you are facing with need to be looked and approached from a new, different perspective if you want to find a cause for them and heal. 

If you have been experienced prolonged episodes of pain, discomfort, anxiety, panic attack, burn out, sadness, I encourage you to start listening to your body and observing:

  • when do they appear
  • what was on your mind in the days before they appeared
  • who did you have conversation or argue with
  • what emotions were behind, which you didn’t want to feel (worry, anger, feeling of not being good enough, not being listened to, not being competent or maybe of abandonment…)

It is amazing what happens when we start tuning in, listening to our body & allowing the feelings and emotions which we were running from before. Our body slowly starts feeling more like a friend, who we care for. Just bringing awareness to the sensations in your body and emotions behind is enough to resolve so many long-term symptoms and transform our health and life.

True friends listen to each other and then find best possible solution for both. When we become friends with our body, we feel the signals that it sends to us and we learn to respond to them with care, compassion and tenderness. 

That is the way in which we can lovingly support our body, prevent stress, panic attack, burn out, migraine and heal from inside out. Pills are there more or less to cover the symptom on the outside, but your awareness and love are the true medicine.

Can you imagine how your health, vitality and life can transform, when you learn how to lovingly support your body and become your true best friend?

To your vitality, ease, joy, wellbeing and true success (that comes from harmony within and not from struggle, control and overwork)!

Sending love & Light your way, 


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