Today I would like to share with you one of my guided meditations – Meditation called Connecting with your Essence.

I have been meditating with intervals from the age of 15, at times I was totally hooked by it and then there were times in life when I didn’t do it at all. You know how it is in life, even things that give us so much pleasure, we sometimes just kind of leave out of our life. We get so busy with life. 😉 Sometimes it feels like they don’t give us that much pleasure anymore and we search for a new thing, new hobby…

But then again eventually we always come back to the things that connect us with our essence and enjoy doing them. All those things that brings us closer to our Essence are also one of the main tools that we can use in healing and transformation.

Meditation for sure is one of them. The rest for me are dancing, spending time in nature for hours and hours, hiking, travelling, participating on retreats or leading them, reading books from or about transformative people, visionaries & evolutionary leaders, enjoying a great cup of tea or fresh juice…

Meditation has so many benefits; from relaxing our nervous system, healing, bringing more peace and harmony in our life, deepening our intuition, getting more clarity about issues we are facing with, expanding our creativity, connecting with our essence – the Divine within us and raising collective consciousness. 

Many people tell me that they have a monkey mind and are so struggling with meditation. I tell them this is mind’s nature – to think, reason, check-up, compare, investigate… It is much easier if during meditation your focus is on your breath and not on calming the mind. You can observe mind and don’t take it serious. While watching your breathing, your attention may drift away to your thoughts…, so you just watch them as clouds on the sky, not getting involved in their story. Slowly, slowly, the more you allow yourself to be the watcher, the thoughts will subside (even if it is just for few seconds) and you find yourself in the space of peace and tranquillity. 

Sometimes in the beginning, or when we are in a difficult period of our Life, it may feel easier to use guided meditation.

So, I have recorded this one just for you. Give it some time and then let me know how you find it. Does it help you to connect with your Essence?

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.03.30

And if you need some private help to support you in your connection with your Divine Essence, please don’t hesitate to write me. 

Sending Love to you, 


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