ZEST – I just love this word.  

It immediately sparkles me, ignites Light in my Eyes, Love in my Heart and makes the Juices flowing abundantly. 

Zest is something we are born with.  Look at the little babies and toddlers. They are so widely awake for all the experiences of Life. Wondering, discovering, touching, sharing, embracing is how they approach to Life. At the same time, they are being totally honest if something doesn’t feel right for them. They express it immediately, right? No hiding, no pretending, no playing games about things that don’t feel ok. 

Unfortunately, during growing up, our vivid expression often gets toned down by other people. Consequently, our Zest is slowly being diminished. Many of us grow up into adults, who are living most of the time in our minds, while slowly loosing connection with our hearts.

So, how do we get back our Zest?

By finding a way back to our HEART.

You see, little kids have an open mind for learning, while they are mainly living from their heart and intuitive feelings. But for us adults, it is often the other way around. We are living in our mind that is being stuffed by ideas, beliefs that we mostly picked up from other people and we often dismiss intuitive hints and heart yearnings.

So, how to find again our Zest?

Start connecting again daily with your heart.

One simple thing how you can do it, is that every day you set up some private time just for yourself. Sit quietly and just BE. Be with your thoughts, feelings, emotions that are coming up. After 15-20 minutes of simply being, ask yourself next question: “What would make my heart sing today? What simple activity would make me joyful?” And then listen to what your heart/intuition is saying to you. 

Slowly, slowly, you will start getting answers, intuitive hints, ideas. And when you hear them, go and do something about them. Make one step at a time… Even spending a small part of your day, doing what makes you feel inspired, relaxed, joyful and fun, it will have a tremendous effect on your Life. 

And as one wise man said – “Life is not about the Destination, It is about a Journey.”

Why not make this Journey Full every day? 

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