This is a 7-day retreat, which will allow you to revive your own active, positive and loving energy, and show you that you are the one who only deserves the best!

What is a transformative healing vacation – a trip?

  • It is a break and at the same time a turning point in your action, thinking, feelings and perceptions of the world and yourselves.
  • It is a process that will activate your hidden potential and help you set free from tensions and worries.
  • You will deepen connection with your heart and open for more trust, peace and love.
  • A process that you can give yourself as a present because you deserve to feel good in your life.
  • It can be the beginning of a new period in your life in which YOU become more loving toward yourself.
  • It is for all of you, who CARE about YOURSELVES!

This transformative journey is meant for you if you:

  • feel that now is the time for a change in you life.
  • want to feel  joy, inner peace, ease and confidence.
  • want to learn about the natural techniques that will help you improve your health.
  • connect with your gifts and talents
  • would like to step outside of the box and live a magnificent life.
  • no longer want to support the belief that life is hard, exhausting and that good things only happen to others.
  • want to dance, laugh and sing again
  • want to experience this change in a beautiful surroundings and perfect comfort.


What shall we do during the retreat?

The purpose of this retreat is transformation – a change of our well-being, both mental and physical. This can only happen when we allow ourselves to take off our masks. It is true that this is rather difficult in the outside world, because we have put them on in order to protect ourselves. But it is precisely this defense which prevents us from enjoying a deep, meaningful connection with ourselves and others and therefore live more authentic life.

  • We will meet in a safe environment and uncover the veils that cover up our greatness.
  • We will look at our beliefs, defenses and how they affect our lives.
  • We will learn techniques which help us transform such beliefs into positive and supporting ones.
  • Our thoughts and emotions affect us and those around us. By allowing and facing our emotions we will open up and accept ourselves and others.
  • We will feel freedom again!
  • We will practise various forms of relaxation and meditation.
  • We will socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and share new adventures and experiences.
  • You will have enough time to rest & .reflect

All this will help to make you feel different after 7 days. You will feel full of new energy and knowledge of the fact that within you dwells unlimited potential which you will want to continue exploring and sharing.

Where will all this take place?

At a beautiful location somewhere by the sea.

Price: will follow shortly after the location of the retreat is set.

The price includes:

  • The entire program, led by Dr. Tatjana Trajkovska
  • 7 nights with full board in single rooms
  • Fruit and drinks during breaks
  • The final group party

Price does not include: traveling expenses.