• waking up early in a morning in an amazing resort, taking some time off to stretch your body, calm your mind & feed your soul.
  • going on a Journey where you won’t engage only all your 5 senses, but you will be also exploring the treasures, strengths & gifts inside.
  • finishing a day by the candles, nice music, while being guided into a deep relaxation.
  • being supported & guided by experienced doctor & mentor, reconnecting with your Body & Soul.
  • coming home not just full of stories of new places, but also full of Joy, Peace, Love & Trust

Does it sound Exciting for You?

If you have been dreaming about exploring amazing countries while at the same time give your Body & Soul some extra nourishing time and support, so that you can relax and reconnect with your True Self, then the Soulful Journey is for you.

In this Journey you will not only travel, but also have an opportunity to:

  • Nurture your body
  • Feed your soul
  • Reconnect with your Heart and Passion for Life
  • Learn how to find inner Peace & Balance
  • Restore your Energy
  • Discover your hidden Gifts & Talents…


All our Soulful Journey Retreats are being led by amazing friend, doctor, spiritual seeker & mentor for natural healing and soulful, conscious living, dr. Tatjana Trajkovska.

They have been created by combining passion for traveling and exploring the outer world with Tatjana’s deep passion for exploring and enjoying our inside – our Being/Essence.


When facing some challenging & stressful situations in our Life, we decided to participate in some of dr. Tatjana’s weekend retreats and workshops. Tatjana assisted us to relax, connect to our resources and restore our energy. At that time our team-vision for SOULFUL JOURNEY RETREATS was born.


Few facts about Tatjana Trajkovska – big heart of Soulful Journeys:

  • She is a medical doctor & mentor for healing and soulful living.
  • She has worked as a western medicine trained doctor for 18 years, she studied acupuncture in China, done many courses in meditation, breathing, relaxation, nutrition, mindfulness, mind-body medicine all over the world (Europe, India, USA).
  • She loves supporting people to reconnect with their soul/heart, heal in in a natural way and live more fully.
  • She is infinite Explorer of Life, Seeker of Truth and Passionate Dancer & Motivator

Would you like to feel Passion & Zest for Life again?

Would you like to experience a deep inner transformation and return home Fresh, Joyful and full of new insights?

Do you long for connection and love with yourself?


Write us and we will plan and create Soulful Journey just for you and your friends or maybe you can join a group of like-minded people in one of our upcoming retreats.

You can send your request to or

We promise to help you co-create an unforgettable Soulful Journey & Reconnect to your Passion & Zest – which you will never forget!

Sending Warm Hug to you,

Tatjana Trajkovska & Rok Puppis (Movis Private Tours)