Our body, soul and spirit serve us 24 hour a day, every day in a year. But do we also serve them?

We take the car to mechanics at least once a year and give it a full check-up. But sadly we often don’t treat as that well.

On this day YOU will be in a front seat.

What is one day intensive?

It is a day, which you offer to yourself, when you would like to do something really good and valuable for yourself.

You can even offer this day as a present to someone you really care for and know that this person would need support and guidance on their way to better health.

We will dive deep into your life and health issues, practise some relaxation and breathing techniques and make steps for radical shift in the way you think and act in your life.

It will inspire you to make necessary changes, which will bring more peace, joy and health to your life.

This day you will spend your time with a doctor in a complete new way.

  • We will spend a day in a beautiful environment, which will help you to relax.
  • We will have plenty of time for deep conversation, which will bring more clarity to your situation.
  • We will discourse all the areas of your life, because each one of them affects your wellbeing and harmony.
  • You will get answers to many questions as well as specific techniques and suggestions on how to start changing your life.
  • You will go home prepared and ready to start with changes.

How does an intensive day with dr. Trajkovska look like?

  1. We will start a day with a delicious, healthy breakfast, because this is the most important meal in a day.
  2. After that we will go for a walk and have plenty time to discourse about what is making you happy, sad, your health issues…
  3. follows 1-2 hours meditation session. This session I always design especially for you, depending on your specific situation.
  4. lunch and relaxation
  5. longer coaching considering your health and life, where we look at your limiting beliefs, thoughts and anchor the ones that will support you on your path to reach your goals.
  6. We set up new goals for you and make plans how to gradually reach them.

We adjust the schedule and activities according to your health condition. After all this is your day!

What can you expect from this day?

  • deep conversation
  • Laughter and some tears
  • new realisations (a-ha moments), experiences and changes in the way you think
  • experience your real value
  • the feeling of true support and mentorship
  • connection with your inner potential for healing and living joyful life
  • concrete instructions and plan for improvement of your health and well-being

How can you prepare for one day intensive with dr. Trajkovska?

First you need to apply for a free skype session, which you do by filling in the form for a free session.

The intention of this session is to get to know you a bit. This helps me to assess your health, feeling and expectations. We discourse weather this intensive is appropriate for you and schedule a date of the intensive.

After you have decided to do the intensive, you have to pay in advance. After the payment is done, we will fix the date. You can cancel the intensive up to a week before the set day for the intensive.

What do you need for the intensive?

  • your medical documentation
  • willingness to make a change
  • being ready to be honest
  • some comfortable sport outfit for walk in the nature and practicing some meditation and breathing techniques


I am happy that you are here. In order to make a change, we first need to make a decision. You are in the right place. This 20 minutes will help us to get to know each other. We will talk about your past, presence and future and you will get a glimpse on how it would be to work with me. We will see what would be the best way for me to work with you and help you reach your goals.

To be as effective as possible during these 20 minutes, I kindly ask you to fill the form as accurately and honestly as you can.

As a medical doctor I am bound to secrecy, so your information will be dealt with respect and strictly confidentially. After you send me your form, I will schedule a skype session with you. I wish you a beautiful day and we will read and talk soon,


Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med.


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