In addition to their will, persistence and desire to reach the goal, top athletes need a coach, the support of a psychologist and / or motivational mentor. To achieve good results a child needs his own will for research and learning, as well as teachers and parents who support him and teach him about certain skills.

Therefore, dr. Trajkovska offers you counseling and holistic health and life mentoring (coaching), through which you will strengthen your health, thus improving your well-being and eventually your life.

Most of the people who want to obtain better results in any area of ​​life, need to expand their knowledge. But above all, they need a mentor who will accompany and support them during the process of learning, implementing change and achieving the objectives pursued.

Dr. Trajkovska believes that many people would be healthier, if doctors only had more time for them and could really motivate them to change. As a specialist in family medicine with more than 10 years of practice, I understand the importance of high expertise of classical medicine. I also believe that many diagnostic tests and medicines are of exceptional value to maintain and improve our health.

I believe that the human body has an excellent ability to heal itself and that medicines alone quite often can not eliminate the cause of a disease but they treat the symptoms.

It is really worthy to search within ourselves and look for the causes of  disease. If we can not find the cause, we can try to at least enable our body the best conditions for healing in which body can activate inner self-healing processes.
If we enable our organism a better internal and external environment, a healthy diet, movement, time to relax, rest and sleep, if we learn some meditation and relaxation techniques, we will certainly enjoy many benefits of good health and well-being.

Holistic coaching is suitable for people who:
have been tired and lacking energy for a long time and / or experience sleep problems
• suffer from chronic diseases, recurrent infections, allergies, depression, anxiety, burn out, pain in the joints and spine, headaches
• are exhausted, overwhelmed, can not find true meaning and satisfaction in life
• feel that it is time to improve their mental and physical well-being and health.

Integrated coaching is not for you if:
• prefer to consume pills than ask yourselves why the disease occurred in the first place
• are not ready for honest conversation about yourself, your mood, life
• do not believe that you can be the best medicine to yourself when properly guided
• are not ready to improve your health and make the necessary changes
If you want to learn how to improve your health in a natural way and  transform your life, apply for a discovery session with dr. Trajkovska.

What is the purpose of the 3- and 6-month mentoring?

•To search for deeper causes of diseases and problems
•To identify internal saboteurs (limiting beliefs) and to change patterns of thinking, replacing them with those that will support you
•To learn about the food that supports you
•To improve the relationship with yourself
•To improve and strengthen your health

I believe that only by an integrated approach we can achieve positive and lasting results.


What is covered by a 3-month mentoring program?
1. First meeting
2. The initial individual 3 hour intensive via skype or Live intensive optionally if you are willing to meet for the whole day. I find intensives great way to start our journey together.
3. 10 individual 60 – minute live or skype meetings
4. The final half-day meeting (skype or Live optional).
How can you enter the mentoring program?
If you want to embark on the path of an integrated health and personal transformation under my guidance, we shall first arrange our one hour meeting – interview. I call it Disocovery call. The purpose of this is to get to know each other. In this way, we can see and feel whether my energy and way of working suits you, and if you are ready for the process of mentoring.
The mentoring program represents your commitment to yourself that you are really willing to make the necessary changes for your health and well-being.

The content of the program itself is always adapted and designed especially for you, according to your problems, health status and goals.
While coaching you, I use the knowledge and experiences I have gained in my nearly 15 year practice as a physician. I use many different techniques, skills and experience gained during the training courses in various fields of holistic healing:
clinical psychology
• basics of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture
• mind-body medicine
• certain breathing techniques for improving health (breathwork)
• various techniques of relaxation and meditation
• nutritional counseling
• holistic coaching (supports you to find contact with your true inner being)


What’s included in the 6-month mentoring program?
1. First meeting – live or via Skype
2.The initial individual half-day intensive via skype or live if you like travelling. I would be more than happy to meet you in person and spend a day together. I find intensives great way to start our journey together.
3. 20 individual 60 – minute live or skype meetings
4. The final half-day meeting (optional).