Let me first ask you a few questions?

  • Do you feel stuck, anxious and frustrated with how your Life is unfolding?
  • Have joy, ease, love, passion and creativity left your Life?
  • Are you experiencing chronic health issues that you can’t resolve?
  • Do you have a burning desire to change your life & regain your vitality?


If you answered YES, then I am INVITING you to ONE DAY INTENSIVE.


CONNECT with the truth, love, power & awareness that you are! 

RECEIVE exactly what you need in this moment of your Life!

INVITE HEALING from inside out!


We will spend this day in a beautiful environment. Nature and I will create a safe space in which you will be open to receive insights, shifts & transformation, that can happen when the tension, armours and fears are released.


After a thorough conversation, I will guide you through different meditations, breathing techniques and healing practises that will help you release tension, pain, stuck emotions (fear, anger, sadness, shame, worry…)  and beliefs. When all this baggage is being brought to surface and released, your body starts healing and you are again in touch with your true essence.



  • Experience being immersed in the presence of peace & love within
  • Know how to nurture your body and relax your mind
  • Have tools to invite self-healing
  • Open to receive new possibilities and creative ideas
  • Reconnect with your gifts, talents and strengths
  • Release lot of tension, emotions, old beliefs & need for control


Answers are within you!!!  I just assist you to access your own Essence & teach you some powerful tools to unlock your Potentials.


Where will we spend this amazing day?

We will spend this day in one of the most beautiful spots of Slovenia.

This is really very powerful day. You might expect shifts happen also 1-2 months after the intensive.


Are you interested?

If YES, please write to me on this mail

Are you interested?

If you are interested, please write to me on this mail


  • We will meet for late breakfast somewhere between 9 and 10 am.
  • 3- hour session after breakfast – deep inner work (walk in nature, conversation, meditation, breathwork, relaxation, mind-body tools…)
  • Lunch together to recharge, enjoy surroundings & rest a bit.
  • Going deeper (2-3 hours) so that you release old tensions and open for receiving & healing
  • Late afternoon snack & integration
  • Farewell



This is an individual boutique program designed after we talk and discourse about your challenges, health issues and desires and in which location you would like to spend this day. Your investment depends according to the location.


Are you READY to open-up for Life and release things that are making you feel stuck & unhappy?

Can you allow yourself to open-up and say YES to LIFE and YOURSELF?

Are you ready to give yourself the worth you deserve & start celebrating YOU?



If you need just a simple insights & directions on how to resolve certain health issue or situation, we can arrange to have a MINI INTENSIVE – which would be 3-4 hour long session through skype or live.


Don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule this session/day with me.


Sending Hug,