Dr. Tatjana Trajkovska

Reconnect with your body & soul

and start enjoying your life

Meet dr. Trajkovska


My vision is to show you that you can be the best doctor to yourself!

I believe that we have to add spirituality and humanity to classical Western medicine and my promise to you is that I will never be in a hurry while working with you.
Trust your heart and body,

Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med.


“My wish was to create programs, which will affect all areas of your being and in doing so connect the classical Western medicine with spirituality. I believe that this will enable you to live a happy and balanced life.”  Tatjana

One day SUPER intensive with dr. Trajkovska

This day is meant exclusively for YOU!

We will spent it together with the intention for you to dive deep within and consequently improve your health and well-being. It will definitely be a day which will inspire you to undertake a transformation.

Reignite your Life (4-month program)

This program is designed for women struggling with burn out, anxiety, chronic illness, depression, autoimmune disease in order to support you in healing by activating your body’s natural self-healing mechanism.

You – we are meant to thrive.

Whole Body Detox (3-month program)

Do you know that your body has self-healing capacities? This program is meant for all those, who would like to activate these self-healing mechanisms under the supervision of a physician. Your body will be extremely thankful to you.


Dr. Trajkovska is available for all companies, organisations, conferences and events which are committed to health, spirituality and personal growth.

Health – Healthy nutrition

Did you know, that your food plays very important role in your life? And do you know that with the right food you can recover and heal your immune system and many chronic diseases?

I breathe, therefore I am

There is no life without breathing. We all know that. But are you aware that breathing fills us not only with oxygen, but also with life energy?


Most of us are exposed to stressful situations in our daily life. That affects our sense of being, work, health and relationship. Are there ways which help us avoid stress?

Listen to your heart

When we rush through life, it often happens that we get lost in our responsibilities. But do you still remember your childhood, the time when you still allowed yourself to dream and dared to reach for your dreams?


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