ABC EMERGENCY TOOL – Resolve your panic attack & depression

I know how terribly it can be when you are feeling totally scared, in panic, exhausted and beaten down by life. That is how many of my clients feel.

They experience multiple problems like tension in the chest, pain in different parts of the body, sometimes even numbness, tachycardia (fast heart beat), sweating and fear that they might die. And the fear of death is the biggest fear a person can experience. Imagine what it does to your body!!!

What I teach all of them is that by all those symptoms their body is just letting them know that it is in severe ALARM reaction – we call it also fight or flight response.
If you are experiencing something like that I would like to share with you 3 simple steps that will immediately help you turn off stress response and activate RELAXATION response in the body. This will lover down your cortisol, adrenalin and increase your serotonin and oxytocin levels – which means in other words – you will feel lighter and calmer in a matter of few minutes. I call this steps quick ABC RECOVERY tool.  

Step 1: Become AWARE of your feelings and sensations and just let them be there. Observe them and allow them to talk to you. It usually takes a couple of seconds to maximum a minute. When you become present to feeling and allow them, you immediately let your body know that you take care of yourself and don’t try to run, which means alarm.

Step 2: BREATHE SLOWLY and DEEPLY. When in panic, our breathing becomes shallow and disconnected. But when you become aware, you can start taking deeper breaths, so that your belly goes out when you breathe in and your belly goes back in when you exhale. You can count to 4 while inhaling and count to 5 or 6 when exhaling. You do this for couple of minutes.

Step 3: CHOOSE the state you would like to be in. So by now you are already calmer and now you can take a conscious decision to bring calmness to your body by every next thought and inhale and release stress, worries and tension with every next exhale.

Practise those steps when you will feel tensed, exhausted or during next panic attack and let me know how you felt.
Like with every new tool, it takes some time to get used to it.  

Don’t give up, just give it a chance and you will reap benefits sooner than you can imagine.
And if you need some more support, reach out and let me know. I am here.

Trust your heart & body and heal yourself!

Dr. Tatjana Trajkovska, mentor for activating healing potentials

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