Excuses, excuses, excuses – we are so full of them, when things are not working, right? But are you sure, that they are presenting our reality or are they just being our way out from the discomfort zone? Do you really think that they make us less responsible for the situation or do we just prolong everything by using them?

Try to see it this way. You are having really hard time in your life. You have been feeling stuck for quite some time and you don’t know how to resolve the situation. And you blame:

  • your business which is stressful and hard; your latest project, which is not working out well;
  • your clients who are being difficult;
  • your kids being demanding, looking for you all the time or getting sick way to often; 
  • your partner keeps complaining about same old stuff… 

and you know that you have to find way out of it, because all of this is making your life miserable.

So many things on the outside, which you just cannot control anymore, right? But are you sure that fixing this things and people in your life is going to help you? Are you sure that they are the reasons for your life not working out the way you want it?

I am telling you – DROP THIS NONSENCE, drop all those excuses and START with yourself. Give yourself first one big HUG.

Yes, I say HUG yourself, because what you desperately need right now is warm hug and your full support. Accept the situation as it is and embrace it. It is just mirroring back to you what you have been missing so much.  You have been putting your attention on the outside – on the latest project, on your loved one, clients, money…

And what you need is to become aware of yourself and put all your attention to you. Become aware of your body, feelings and thoughts. And then make simple, small steps that will be more aligned with your truth. Those steps need to come from a different place in order to give results that you want.

Are you ready to learn about this steps?

Are you ready to do those steps? 

I know that you want to live your dreams and enjoy your life and career. And if you don’t have it yet, it is because you have probably been trying to create your life from outside in. Sad thing about this is that by doing this, you give your power away to the external circumstances and people. And by now, you have probably realised, you cannot control things on the outside, right?

Are you ready for some real change, that will happen inside of you? Contact me and we can schedule a session. 😉

I dare you  to drop the excuses!

Tatjana Trajkovska, MD and Transformational Life Coach

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