As an ambitious entrepreneur Petra thought that feeling exhausted, working late hours every day, waking up in the middle of the night sweating in the chest, having heart palpitations and difficulties falling back to sleep was a part of the tax that she has to pay in order to succeed in her business. So, she was trying to ignore all those symptoms and she kept on going, until she started having panic attacks during the day, when she went to the shopping centres or meetings. One day, she dropped down, unconscious and was taken to emergency room. Doctors had checked her and ordered many investigations. All the tests were normal and at the end her physician told her that she is suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. He prescribed her medicine (escitalopram – an antidepressant) and told her that she has to relax, rest.

But Petra was still pushing herself. As soon as her medicine started working and she felt a bit better, she continued to work hard, work late, see as many clients as possible. She was keeping herself awake on coffees, chocolates and before going to sleep she even started to drink some wine, so she could relax and fall asleep.

And then buummm – panic attacks got worse, she couldn’t sleep at all and so in the morning she was lying in bed, feeling totally drowsy, having pain all over her body and severe headaches during the day. Her business was just slowly starting to take off, but she was feeling like SHIT!

She couldn’t concentrate, so when it was time for her to meet the client, she was upset, afraid that she will blow up her chances and of course many times she wasn’t able to sign a contract with them. People around her were telling her that she is not herself anymore. She was far away from that amazing women, who started her new career full of inspiration, passion and zest for life, growth, expansion.
It was only when she lost the contract with one of her long-term client, because he told her that she has changed, that he can not trust her work anymore… that she realised it is about time to STOP and TAKE CARE of HERSELF.

And she did. Her mum and partner told her that they will support her. So, she finally addressed her health and relationship with herself. When we were working together, she realised that during her life she adopted many beliefs that were actually working against her. Those beliefs were:

  • I have to work hard if I want to be successful.
  • I am not yet good enough, so I have to proof myself as good by working a lot.
  • There are limited chances for success out there, so I better hurry.
  • I have no support out there, I am on my own.
  • It is normal to feel tired and nervous when you want to make a huge leap and thrive.

After some time, when she integrated tools that helped her to connect with her body, inner wisdom, intuition, to relax and ignite healing potentials, she finally felt ALIVE and in PEACE & HARMONY again. She said that she became new Petra – Petra that was full of passion and joy as she was when she was young, but also much more intuitive, stronger and more connected within.
Through the work we did, she slowly got off the medications and started to create her business from a completely new perspective. She was feeling strong, self-confident, joyful and as such, she was vibrating with totally new energy, inviting clients who she was dreaming of.

My point is: Do you choose:

To live a life full of struggle, anxiety, tension, pain, fears, competition, suffering, hard work or
you would rather choose life full of ease, vitality, harmony, clarity, expansion and abundance?

When you choose the later one – your life, health, career and relationships reflect those qualities you decided for. ☺

Trust your Your inner wisdom knows how to do it. And if you need some support with that – reach out for help.


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