We often forget that our body is our best friend. And just like our best friend it is very patient with us. You know that principle: “I would do everything for a friend!” However, as things become worse and we treat our body and mind as enemies, our body starts to whisper quietly. Sometimes it is a whisper in the form of discomfort or malaise, while at times warning gets stronger, in the form of pain, insomnia or other problems.

Even I occasionally forget that we are much more than just our bodies and anatomies. And it still happens that I check the status of your body in case of pain and prescribe a particular therapy, while I forget to ask you about your inner being (feelings, emotions and thoughts).

Our body and our feelings often send us messages that can come in different forms. They can be in the form of thoughts, hunches, tips, or physical sensations, such as nausea, palpitations, cold, which just don’t seem to go away…

What is your body trying to tell you in the form of your problems?

Is your indigestion, heartburn and epigastric pain really only due to hiatus hernia and increased secretion of acid? Why is it then that these problems occur only during a certain period of life? Or does stomach pain speak about the fact that you’ve lost the feeling of security and your inner power?

Why did you experience the pains in your back right now, while doing the movement that you have already done thousands of times? Is this really only due to the changes in your spine, the movement of vertebrae, squeezed nerve, muscle spasm? Perhaps this really is so, but what if the cause of your pain lies elsewhere, for example in the relationships that bring you down, financial distress…?

A few years ago I came across a book by the American author Louise Hay, entitled “Heal your body”. It talks about how strongly our illnesses and problems are associated with our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. I strongly recommend reading of this book. The actual reasons for your illnesses and problems may surprise you and maybe you shall find a link between your well-being and your thoughts and beliefs.

A few months ago I also suffered from insomnia. I believe that I am living a healthy life, my diet is relatively healthy (well, sometimes I indulge myself with some chocolate), I like to exercise in nature, I rarely drink coffee, usually just as a stolen pleasure. I meditate fairly regularly and do a personal growth work on myself, but nevertheless at that time I only had quality sleep for one or two nights a week. This situation has dragged on, here and there I helped myself with acupuncture, Valerian root extract, however the effect was only sporadic. It got to the point where I occasionally had to take the real sleeping pill just to get some sleep.

Then I realized that my body tries to warn me about the imbalance. By insomnia, the body warned me about the deep discontent in myself. At night, I relived feelings of distress, anger, rage, fear, insecurity … At work I had a situation that had burdened me to the extreme. Since I am a person who rarely gets into a conflict, I tried to resolve the matter by talking. Despite the conversation the discontent grew inside of me, and I realized that this situation was just the “icing on the cake” as far as my feelings of discontent were concerned. It got increasingly clear that I longed for a different kind of work and that I need to take a step forward, even if into the unknown. A little voice in me longed for change and to be heard.

When I finally listened, I realized that I have to stop working and take time to rest, to thoroughly think about what and how to proceed. Immediately after termination, the problem of insomnia was miraculously resolved, and I felt more relaxed than ever. Despite the fact that my future is now much less financially secure, my well-being greatly improved.

And now I ask you, what is your body trying to tell you? What do you yearn for and what are you afraid of? When did you last take a diary or a large sheet of paper and wrote down without censorship all your feelings, thoughts, worries, emotions?

Take some time for yourself, in a peaceful environment where you won’t be disturbed. You may put on some pleasant music and just write, 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour … as far as your heart desires, and pour everything that burdens you or makes you happy on the piece of paper. Then take this text in your hands and read it once again slowly and quietly. Have you got an answer to your problems? Because if you have, then you are also closer to the solution of it.