Do you know what Peter, Mojca, Mary, Suzana, Milan and Vesna have in common?

They have all come to see me because of their health problems, which differ from one person to other (panic attacks, burn out, autoimmune thyroiditis, digestive problems, chronic pain, depression and insomnia, headaches.

BUT what they all share is that at some point in their life they HAVE FORGOTTEN about WHAT MAKES THEIR HEART TICK!!!

  • They have stopped listening to it.
  • They have allowed their mind to start ruling their world.

And when the mind starts running our life, everything becomes so black and white or just GREY!!! We have those ideas how life is supposed to be, we try to control it, we become demanding and hard. Hard not just toward others but mostly toward ourselves.

I know this, because I have walked that path for such a long time, so I understand how my clients feel about themselves, about life and circumstances. The truth is that at times I still buy this story about life being hard myself. BUT now I have more awareness about it, so as soon as I catch myself going down the spiral, I remind myself that I allowed the mind to become the master and have forgotten to listen to the heart.

And the truth is we ALWAYS have A CHOICE!!! And we can always CHOOSE what supports us.

As soon as we connect to our heart again & listen to it – life changes. Our life becomes COLOURFUL, MAGICAL – not just white, black and grey.

And of course then we know better:

  • What food, drink, exercise serves our body better
  • Which next step is a contribution to me
  • What thoughts, beliefs and stories I have bought that are not serving me
  • What actions help me to relax, become more playful and peaceful inside.

So, Peter, Mojca, Mary, Suzana, Milan and Vesna have gone through the same process – the process of reconnecting to their heart. Step by step they have opened more and allowed the heart to be the guide on their path of healing.

They didn’t just heal their symptoms, the biggest reward for them is: THEIR LIFE isn’t grey, white or black, there life is COLOURFUL and FULL OF MAGIC.

Why? Because they are in tune with WHAT MAKES THEIR HEART TICK!

So – my question for you is: WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART TICK???

Trust your heart & body and heal yourself!

Tatjana Trajkovska, mentor for activating healing potential

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