Clients who come to me suffer from anxiety, burn-out, depression, panic attacks, insomnia and autoimmune disease. What they all share in common is that they have tried all sorts of therapies, from medicines, supplements, diet, psychotherapy, meditation, homeopathy, acupuncture… And maybe they have felt some relief, but their condition didn’t really reverse.

When disease really hits them, they would DO ANYTHING in order to heal. And they really TRY DO as much as they can. Many of them become obsessed with the right diet, supplements and all different modalities that various doctors, healers and practitioners suggest.

What that does is actually PUT THEM in even BIGGER STRESS. And when we are in stress, our body can not heal, the condition becomes even worse after some time.
Because they put so many conditions on themselves. They become even more restrictive toward themselves in so many ways. So, for them healthy diet becomes a MUST, and meditation a SHOULD.
It is not their CHOICE, but they feel it as a punishment. 

SO, if you have been suffering from any of those conditions, what I am about to tell you might SHOCK YOU!

  • You don’t need more drugs.
  • You don’t need more restrictive diet.
  • You don’t need to upgrade yourself and become better.

What your disease is trying to teach you is FREE YOURSELF of limiting beliefs, lies, worries, judgements and conditions. 

What will support you into healing is ALLOWING and OPENING to the TRUTH.

The truth is: you are LOVE and you are LIGHT. When embracing this fully, all that is not true DROPS and FALL AWAY.
Your worries, your pain, your fears, your “disease” evaporate when you become aware of the TRUTH.

So, if you want to IGNITE YOUR HEALTH – ask yourself “What is the deeper TRUTH about you?

The pain, worries, problems, or something far greater?

The moment you open for LOVE and LIGHT you ignite your self-healing capacities. You become AWAKENED for WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Trust your heart & body and Heal Yourself,

Tatjana, doctor and mentor for activating healing potentials

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