This morning when I woke up, I knew I had a story to share. It is amazing story – at least for me – a new understanding about myself and my life, at least at this very moment.

My father is Macedonian and he really appreciates a glass of good wine. From when I was small, I remember that he and my mum enjoyed a glass of wine while having a lunch, especially during weekends. I never really liked wine or alcohol very much, but occasionaly I love to have a glass of it when enjoying a good meal in good company. 

Last year when I was invited to my girlfriend’s partner vineyard I received a bottle of this amazing red wine. It was a magical summer evening, we were sitting under the stars, enjoying delicious dinner, talking, sharing stories and listening to tango music on the old gramophone, probably 100 years old – the one which you still have to coil on hand. What a night that was. I enjoyed seeing them in love, they are around 60 years old and are couple for about 10 years. 

As many of you know, I am single for quite some time and one of my biggest dream is to find a partner, with whom I could share my life, the laughter, the joy, exploration, passion, love… So, if you are the one, who is enjoying that – be aware of how precious this is, so please do appreciate having someone dear to you with whom you share your life.

Back to my story. Watching them, I said to myself: “You see Tatjana, don’t worry, you still have time, it is never too late for love.” ☺ So, when I was leaving the vineyard, Elisa came to me and gave me this bottle of red wine, which was totally amazing. It was red, made from 3 different sorts of grape, sweet, not too strong. I thanked her and on my way back home I said to myself: “I am going to keep this bottle of wine and open it only when I will fall deeply in love and know that I have found the man of my life. We will open it together in a very special moment.”

So I have put the bottle in a pantry. And I met amazing man last year, we enjoyed together, but he left. And then I met another special man 2 months ago and we have had great moments, but again a roller-coster happened… And when I was talking to my mentor and coach few weeks ago, she told me: “Tatjana, there is no one out there that is “the one”. YOU are the one you have been waiting for”. And of course it hit me. And right now, when I am writing this, a butterfly just came at my window (I am living in the 4th floor), which has never happened before. So it really must be something about it – there must be some truth in her words.

So, I let her sentence be there with me. I continued living my life, there were a lot of things stirring inside. And it was a few days ago, when I got back from this great tour with my bike, where I was enjoying myself so much – riding a bike in this beautiful, sunny, warm autumn day, with so many colures of the trees. I got home, took a refreshing shower, put on clean dress and sat on my couch. The sun was slowly going down, I have put a soft music on and just enjoyed being – feeling grateful for the day and my life. I went to the pantry and took this “special” bottle of wine.

I opened it up and poured it in a glass, raised it and said “cheers” to myself and smiled. I said to myself: “This is it! This is my life and this moment is the moment. It is a very beautiful and special moment and I am this amazing person I am going to be “stuck” with for the rest of my life. ☺ I have Fun, I love myself now and so why not just enjoy this glass of wine with myself.”

It was such a revelation and such a pleasure. Enjoying this wine, the music, myself… Now I know I am not going to wait any longer. Of course, the desire to find the partner to share my life with is still there…and I know it will happen. 😉

But I also know that this precious Life is HERE & NOW for me to enjoy it, my dreams and desires will be with me and most of them will come true, but what matters most is me being here and now, enjoying the moment and myself as I am – alone, with a friend, with my sister, my client, my lover or just a stranger passing by.

Toasting to MY LIFE & YOUR LIFE too!


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