The other day before going to bed it hit me! If we truly want to be enjoying our life, we need to be bright enough, so that our light cuts through the mists that may be spreading around us. Only we are responsible for the brightness with which we are shining on the outside.

In life it is not at all about chasing the mists and making them evaporate or disappear. You may try and have probably done that many times, as I have too, but then you have also realised that this is a never ending story. Mists do come and go – that is their nature as there are seasons in life. It all boils down to making our light more bright, so that the mists that may surround us, wouldn’t dim our light down. That is the secret we need to get experts in.
So if you have been feeling like things are not working out for you like you’ve wanted – you are not seen and approved as who you are, your projects and business are not working out the way you have wanted them to be, you feel stressed out, exhausted and stuck and your relationships are going through lots of disagreements, misunderstandings and even fights – you should be thinking of making your inner light become more clear and shiny.
Don’t’ let the mists hunt you or you hunt them! Just forget about them and make your inner light and joy your priority.

When you do that – I can guarantee you, that the mist will affect you less and less. They might actually become your friends, because they will be just indicating to you to put some more attention to your own light.
I dare you to SHINE!

Tatjana Trajkovska, MD and Transformational Life Coach

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