Wake up now – your life matters!

Having sex with someone who is insecure and not healthy without a condom is safe?

It’s not!!! But how come that many of us still go over and over and over all of the STOP signs, red alarms, twisted feeling in the gut, sleepless nights, restless days and WE JUST DO IT until we are on the FINISH LINE.


We RUN OVER ALL THE WARNING SIGNS, because we just have to come to the finish (finish this project, build that house, get that big client, make him/her happy…).

  • Then we will be happy!
  • Then we will have time to think about our health and security.
  • Then we will take time to do it (life) slowly, carefully and with pleasure.

Cause NOW we have to DO IT, no matter what! Yes, it feels a bit risky and scary and not really perfect, but since I already started, I better finish, right?!

That is how many of us behave. That is how I have behaved. And that is how many of my clients DID IT – I mean LIFE, before they:

  • Sandro – had a heart attack at age of 30, because of severe stress and overwhelm
  • Igor – was put on the sick leave and 2 antidepressants for a year because of burn out
  • Jasna – got a nervous breakdown because she never learned to say no even when panic attacks kept reappearing

Some of them worked for 9-14 hours per day. Tired, exhausted, but they kept on pushing.

Warning signs? They all had them – not just one, but they kept on doing it.

  • Severe digestive problems, reflux, diarrhoea? It’s nothing, it will pass. I have swallow this person’s behaviour down, not say anything… Maybe one day he/she will learn, but till then I just better keep it quiet and do whatever it takes to keep calm. Who would I be if I wouldn’t have him/her in my life.
  • Panic attacks? I will take some Xanax and soon – in a few months, when this project is over, I will take a week off.
  • Tension headaches during weekends? They happen only during weekends, so if I work even Saturday and Sunday, they pass.

Wow – what a great therapy – some more work during weekend.

WAKE up NOW! Your life is TOO PRECIOUS!!!

Don’t play a game with it! Don’t wait to cross a finish line before you really pay attention to yourself. If you hear a warning signs – this means your body is talking to you!

Listen to them, stop, rethink, revalue. You need some support around that? Don’t hesitate to reach out, talk to someone, PM me.
Just don’t keep on doing it the way that makes your heart or body feel pain, ok?

Trust your heart & body!


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